May 10th, 2014

Там не все пиндосы!

И не надо называть из всех янки. Мой друг дикси из Джорджии, КША (Конфедеративные Штаты Америки):

Congratulations my friend! I was following that and I'm very happy for your people. I just hope everything goes well there. I know the imperial politicians here are very upset that no one listened to them.

Your friend in Dixie,

You're most welcome. There's a lot of support for y'all here. We are cheering over here on the sidelines. The yankees are very much against the Russian people. The Russian people stand up to them and they don't like that. To think that we in Dixie would ever support nazis. It is a sad joke! The flag of Texas? Oh that's too much. I could see if they confused Texas and North Carolina, but not that. I really hope your family will be ok there. Thank you for the video. I'm glad to see the cross of St. Andrew in that flag. It's our symbol as well of course. A good connection.
Your supporting friend in Dixie,

Мы в Дикси когда-либо станем поддерживать нацистов?! Да идите вы нахуй!!! Это очень глупая шутка!
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Укропропагандоны такие все внезапные...

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