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Не надо путать пиндосов с Американцами и с Южанами.

Вот как-то так мой друг с Флоридщины, в ответ на мой вопрос насчёт Крыма отвечает мне:

The only people talking about Russian aggression are those who want to go to war with Russia. US government trying to be bullies! My brothers in Dixie are of course not believing what the government says. All the people I know like Russia and support her actions in this matter. You must always protect your people and do what's right for them. I hope your family member will be ok.

You're welcome. No I didn't believe about the Russian aggression. You have to look out for your people. And Eastern Ukraine is so full of Russians that the Russian government would be doing them wrong if it didn't protect them.Yes it is all very legal. Russia has been in Crimea since the 18th century at least. The Black Sea fleet is about...230 years old now if I remember correctly. But I feel the problem is that the elements what wanted in on this power hungry EU-US coalition that is trying to take over the world. I'm glad that Russia will not let them do that. Because what happened in Kiev sounds just like what they do here in the yankee empire. Someone tells these politicians or courts no, and they say it is illegal. They say they don't care. They ignore the constitution every day! Oh how we hate this government. We can't even get good news coverage. We have to watch Russian news.

По понятным причинам я не буду называть его имени и фамилии. Он - патриот Дикси. Юга то есть. Американского Юга. Унесённого ветром. Той страны, которая на аватаре. Которой больше нет.
Вот как-то так он думает. И другие южане тоже. Джорджия, Флорида, Алабама, Миссиссиппи, обе Каролины, Вирджиния, Арканзас, Техас.

South Will Rise Again!!!

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